Serif or Sans Serif?

p4w-hvqtpom-shaun-bell-1Since graphic design hinges on typography, it’s important to know how to discern type and why you should do so. There are two top tier categories that describe the appearance of type: Serif and Sans Serif. The difference is basic, but it can make a huge impact on how you communicate a concept.

SERIF:  Serif typefaces are those that have a line, or foot, at the bottom or top of a stroke.

SANS SERIF:  San Serif typefaces are those that do not have feet.
Why Does This Matter?… BIG IDEA AHEAD!
When you are choosing a typeface for your project, you have to think of it as the most important thing that will create the overall feeling of your project. Sans serif typefaces are usually very clear and easy to read. In addition, they could be perceived as economical or modern. In comparison to serif typefaces, which can be ornate and complex. Serif typefaces are considered to be more old fashioned, however, they are also thought of as sophisticated.

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken:
A typographic rule is that large bodies of sans serif type is harder to read in comparison to serif type. You are the designer, so you do what is appropriate to your design…just thought I would put it out there…


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