Livin’ in the Cloud


You won’t REALLY learn how to be a graphic designer until you dive into an computer app!

Some of the things that I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts won’t make sense until you open up a graphic design application and start fiddling around. There are industry standards for creating a variety of graphic design products that you MUST know.

Most, if not all, applications that are used in the graphic design industry are by Adobe and are available now. You can purchase a large suite of applications for $49.99 a month from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Below is a quick guide of what are the best programs for each design need:

InDesign: Print materials, simple interactive materials, apps with DPS (Print designers use Id)

Illustrator: Logos, illustrations, graphics, printed materials (logo designers use Il)

Photoshop: Print materials, logos, illustrations, graphics, photo editing, simple movies, gifs, apps with DPS (print designers, photographers, illustrators, painters, movie makers, and etc use Ps)

Lightroom: Organize, edit, and share photos (Used with Ps)

Dream Weaver: Design and develop websites (Web designers use Dw)

Muse: Design and publish websites without writing code (Web designers and novices use Mu)

SUGGESTION: If you can only purchase one application to get your feet wet, I would suggest getting Adobe Photoshop at $9.99 a month. It’s not the industry standard for print design and web, however if you can only afford one program, it has the best value to learn A LOT of skills. Later, you should get the program that fits your needs.

Great websites to learn about Adobe applications and how to use them:  


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