Bright is Beautiful


Color is worth a thousands words! You can communicate your idea, purpose and a feeling through the colors that you choose for a design. Color harmony is essential when creating a successful design.

When designing, you not only have to consider what colors look good together, but also how the colors affect the human brain emotionally and how it impacts the environment it’s going to live in culturally. Color is a BIG (and difficult) decision when designing anything…believe it or not!

Some examples on how colors affect us:

Red= Anger/scary

Blue= Calm

Green= Fresh/new

Yellow= Happy

TIP: Contrast and emphasis is KEY when trying to communicate an idea to the masses. When designing something that is going to be part of an intimate experience, you can consider analogous (similar) colors.

For Example:
Looking at the El Paso Chile Company packaging and L’Arte del Gelato logo (designed by the utterly brilliant Louise Fili) you will notice that the color scheme is the same. However, the El Paso Chile Company is more vibrant then the L’Arte del Gelato, which is more toned down. Look at them in perspective and ask yourself if they have utilized color appropriately for their respective company? The answer is….and why do you think so?ElPasoChileCoSlide2

Logo2A great website with an amazing amount of info about color is: