Growing up with an artistic mother and creative minded father, there was only one place for me to go… work in the arts! My name is Dara Zimmer and I am a professional graphic designer and art teacher with twenty years experience in design and five years experience in teaching art. My design education was completed at Rhode Island School of Design majoring in graphic design and I received my Masters in the Art of Teaching (Art) at Monmouth University. Working for publishing companies such as Bantam, Hearst, & Meredith, I have extensive experience in the field of print and promotional design. As a freelance graphic designer over the years, I’ve worked with terrific independent clients for a wide range of projects.

Teaching is a job, lifestyle and passion! In the past five years I have been working in the teaching field as an art teacher specializing in teaching graphic design, photography as well as fine arts.

My family of four (two daughters, husband, and best pup) live in Northern New Jersey. We like to volunteer at the local pet shelter, go to the beach, and travel.

What I love right now!: I’m totally in love with my Apple Watch! It’s keeping me moving, drinking water, eating well, answering phone calls & messages…it’s amazing!